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Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is a way to partner with ADS for a shared vision to make every dental visit a safe visit. Corporate membership provides access to a higher level of ADS services and opportunities than our standard membership options. An ADS Corporate membership allows for:
  • Networking with key opinion leaders
  • Gaining knowledge that benefits not only your employees but also your customers
  • Becoming a more relevant and trusted brand
The Corporate membership program acknowledges and distinguishes companies that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to ADS and safe dental care. In addition, it helps to sustain critical services delivered by ADS such as:
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Strategic Development

At ADS, we believe that everyone has a role to ensure safe, infection-free access to oral healthcare. Download our Corporate Member Prospectus today!

Download Corporate Member Prospectus

Ready to join? Contact ADS Chief Engagement & Development Officer Andy Whitehead today!